Thursday, October 1, 2009

WooHoo!!! I'm on a roll.

Well, that's four days. I can't believe I didn't even try to talk myself out of it today. Especially since I ran all over God's green earth doing errands and stuff today, AND Boo isn't here because he's with Hunny at Bud's baseball game. SOOO... No one else was here to see me do it and I totally did it anyway!!! I didn't even think about it actually, lol.

I have a Dr.'s appointment Thursday... This I am not looking forward too at all. I'm sure my BP is through the roof and I don't even want to think about what my A1C is. I had two instances of palpitations today... At least I will be able to ask about that.

Still have to make out that grocery list....UGH!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day Three

Three days in a row.. I know it sounds trite, but hey, I'll take whatever positive I can get right now. I'm just walking for 15 mins right now. I wonder how much and how often I should increase my time. What I really want to do is run. I've always wanted to, but I'm nowhere near ready for that psychically... yet.

I've been having what I guess you'd call heart palpations lately. I thought they were part of the panic attacks I started having a few months ago, but the panic attacks are gone and the flutters are still there. Sometimes as much as 5 times per day. Honestly, they scare the crap out of me. They only last for maybe a minute, but it still freaks me out.

It's almost time for me to take that first trip to the grocery store since I came back. This makes me extremely nervous. I still don't know what kind of eating plan I want to do, So I have no idea what to buy... I guess some more research is on order. I put a weigh in chart on the side of the blog and I am going to update every Monday. I tend to get on the scale everyday, which is way to often, but I'm only counting what it says on Mondays.

So.. My current goals:

* Walk for 15 mins every day
* Drink 64 oz. of water every day
* Eat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and at least two snacks every day

The water and walking are self-explanatory. Keeping up with my meals is to help me break my horrible eating habit. I tend to not eat until I am ravenous, and then I stuff myself. I am hoping that this will help me be more conscious of this habit.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Dating Project - Day Two

My son was so stoked today that he started asking me at 5:30 if it was time for our 'date' yet, lol We went at about 6:30. He rode his skateboard today, but I think he decided that from now on the bike is a better choice. Just 15 minutes, but it's worth so much to him and to me.

I called today and made an appointment to see the Dr. which I haven't done in over a year.
Not so great for someone who has Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. I have to see a different doctor since mine left.. I didn't even know until I called.

I just recently started treatment after a serious bout with anxiety attacks that almost landed me in the nut house..literally. Apparently, I am Bi-Polar. Not sure how I feel about this since I really have no idea what on earth it really is. In my head, it's Abby's mom in E.R. ,totally off her rocker if she isn't on her meds. I don't think I'm crazy.. just stressed out, depressed, overwhelmed. I'm trying to withhold judgement (stupid shrink) until I learn more about it.

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Monday, September 28, 2009


Oh my WOW... It's been almost two years.. I can't believe it!!! Well... Got married, BFF got married too. Just moves for the fourth time in the last year...UGH! Boo just turned nine and Bud will be 13 in January!!! According to my scale this morning my weight was 299.8. Under 300 finally!!! I just did my first 15 min. walk in over a year and OMG can I tell!! My son and I now have a standing date @ 7pm for a 15 min walk/ride. I walk, he rides, lol. This is all I am doing... no calorie counts or anything else yet... One habit at a time.. The first of November, I'll add another habit. I may do it sooner, but I will not feel bad if I don't. If anyone is still reading this then I'm sorry I disappeared. I hope I can run into my former,, and I'm sure thinner,, blog buddies!!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007


Just a quick update. I was at a very very good friends house who happens to have a scale. I have pretty much been "off program" since the first of October and I was worried that I had gained, so I got on and.....
318!!! Not a huge loss, only 7 lbs in a month and a half, but NO GAIN!!! woohoo!!!

I'm looking forward to getting back on track soon.. I'm not eating just whatever I want or anything, but life is so crazy right now, that keeping daily calorie counts is just not a possibility. As of tomorrow we are 5 WEEKS away from the BFF's wedding! Not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas....Can we shoot straight through to New Years???

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Monday, November 12, 2007

A long overdue update...

Hello blog buddies!! I am feeling better finally, the cough still lingers, but I can breathe again. NO steroids, I ended up just waiting it out since we are poor folks and no insurance and, well, let me stop here before I go on a political health care rant :) ... I think I have the beginnings of an ear infection, but it just feels funny at the moment, so we will see...

I haven't blogged because I am frantically searching for a job. My Hunny is a mechanic and works on commission, so no business=no money and right now, there is no business. I was already sort of looking for a first shift position because I was bored, but now, I need anything. I'd rather not work second shift and every weekend, but you do what you have to do sometimes.

I am excited about working again (I haven't since Boo started school). I will be able to interact with new people, and I won't be bored all the time and tempted to eat all day long. The problem is finding a job in the horrible market here. All of my skills are retail, and when people don't shop...they don't hire. I was hoping that I could find something seasonal since Christmas is coming up, but no such luck yet...

I am also worried about being able to do it physically. I can lift stuff for customers and all that, I mean, I don't have any injuries or anything(knock on wood), but it's been a long time since I stood on my feet for eight hours a day... I'm not sure my back can take it. Yet another reason I need to get my weight down.

I still don't have a scale (poor folks and all) but my eating habits are fair at best. I still try and stay away from refined sugar, but I am not watching my portions, and I have been talking myself into treats WAY too often.

I have to replace the sylinoid (sp) on my car... Grrrr. This is just plain irritating. They say that the cobbler's kids have no shoes...well...The mechanics woman has a crappy car, lol.

BTW. Hunny and I are finally, after almost 5 years, officially engaged!!! I adore my ring, and hopefully I can get BFF to help me take a pic to post here. We are planning on having a long engagement, probably a year or so. No hurry.

Speaking of weddings... I still haven't found a bolero jacket in chocolate to wear with my dress for the BFF's wedding... We have been planning like crazy.. meeting with her coordinator all the time... it's getting close and she is getting nervous, but it will be fine, they are meant to be!

I wish I had time for more, but I have dishes calling my name.

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